Core Values

1. Sustainability Consciousness

Island of Hope Uganda emphasizes a deep philosophical re-orientation towards sustainable pro-environmental attitudes, knowledge and behavior Our programs seek to create individuals that are not only competent but are also passionate about socio-technical system transformation and transformative change.

2. Integrity

Island of Hope Uganda staff adhere to the highest ethical standards in all official obligations and personal responsibilities to society and the organization.
Integrity is the core foundation of individual and corporate actions and shall be manifested through honesty, trustworthiness, honoring commitments and taking full responsibility for our actions, both successes and failures.

3. Embracing diversity and fostering inclusion

Island of Hope prioritizes a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and representative working environment as a key catalyst for ingenious solution development to sustainability challenges. We also believe that this ought to be closely coupled by inclusion of all actors in decision making processes and ensuring that all actors have access and capabilities to participate in the sustainability agenda.

4. Social Responsibility

Island of Hope believes that social responsibility is more than a civic duty for individual actions to benefit the whole of society.
Rather, it’s a transformative moral value that embraces collaboration to create a shared vision for a sustainable future. We seek to cultivate empathy and compassion for not just people, but Mother Nature as well.