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Solutions that help people and nature

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Island of hope is a non-profit dedicated to growing the regenerative organic agriculture movement through; farmer training, consumer environmental and health education, participating in research and study on African indigenous regenerative organic agriculture and food systems. 

Environment Campaign

Consulting with creative, customized end-to-end solutions
Environmental Progress and counting

Our emphasis is to foster environmental sensitivity as the core to effective action towards minimizing and reversing environmental issues such as; soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss.

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With the Environmental crisis escalating every other day, the world needs more people to give hope to the young people and engage them as part of the solution to the challenges we face…..


The resume of my experience with the Island of Hope is AMAZING

Jonan took his time to explain the purpose of the project his goal and expectations but also to know your expectations.
Knowing the challenges of this project is not only related to sustainable development but to transmitting the future generation in order to perpetuate all actions implemented. My work was to collect all information about fauna and flora and to see how we can use it to have sustainable agriculture and the economic impact that this may lead to. For that. we plant the trees, created Facebook for the communication, and make the interview to understand the current behavior. But also I got a chance to make a safari, to try the local food and visit the village. What I can say is « merci Islande and Hope de m’avoir fait passer une expérience mémorable. J’ai appris, j’ai partagé et j’en garde que des souvenirs merveilleux



Awesome Experience

I was amazed by how beautiful the local nature is and surprised by how life can be so closely connected to nature. It really lets you appreciate our earth. Besides nature, engaging with the local people in the villages was exciting and enriching every day anew. Jonan and his family are great hosts and give you the chance to experience the rural African life in a secure and caring community.



Environment Causes

Consulting with creative, customized end-to-end solutions
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Modifying the environment to fit the needs of society is causin

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Mission to create an army of Greta Thunbergs

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