About Our Organization

Island Of Hope Uganda

Island of hope is a non-profit dedicated to growing the regenerative organic agriculture movement through; farmer training, consumer environmental and health education, participating in research and study on African indigenous regenerative organic agriculture and food systems.

Our emphasis is to foster environmental sensitivity as the core to effective action towards minimizing and reversing environmental issues such as; soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Farming is the closest man can get to benefit and connect with nature.


We aim to achieve our vision of ‘Healthy people Healthy soils’.


To create interactive and diverse spaces for young farmers & consumers (18 to 35) on matters of people and soil health.

Through our different programs of:

  1. Environmental and Health consumer Education
  2. Farmer training on transitioning to regenerative organic agriculture
  3. Research and study on Indigenous African regenerative organic agriculture methods

We aim to achieve our vision of ‘Healthy people Healthy soils’

Our Story

Our founder –Jonan Asingwire Kato is an Environmental Engineer that is passionate about biodiversity conservation, healthy food and African culture.

He was driven by this passion to seek for likeminded young individuals from different countries to harmonise their diverse perceptions on conventional methods for Environmental action towards the pressing issues of Climate change and Biodiversity loss.

Since 2018, Island of hope has hosted youthful international and local volunteers to study, research and create test gardens to showcase the impact of regenerative organic agriculture practices in Mbarara and Kampala-Uganda.

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